What You Need To Know About The

Datalink GW1000

Datalink(Industrial Automation Company)and Equustek

Datalink ad its aliases(Datalink Technologies Group,Datalink Technologies Gateways,Datalink Systems,Datalink Communication,Gateway Technologies,American Gateway,Multigate Communication,Advanced Industrial Network,Industrial Automation Company) has pretended and falsely claimed on its numerous websites that it was the manufacturer of the DL2000, DL3500 and many other DL products. As has been recently discovered, they went beyond to false website claims to actually covering up the Equustek name and country of origin on the products as shown below:

Industrial automation company(Datalink) has pretended and falsely claimed that it was the manufacturer of Equustek's products DL2000, DL3500 and many other

When units were returned for repair, Datalink would peel off this label and send to unit to Equustek for repair. On return from Equustek, they would once again re-attach the label to continue their obfuscation.

During 2007, Datalink secretly began to replace Equustek products with the poorly copied GW1000,GW-1000 and claiming that this was a replacement for their own products. When customers ordered a DL product, they would send out the GW1000 claiming that it was a replacement and that the DL products were obsolete. They set up a secret, unsearchable website that had the Datalink GW1000 on it, but did no actual public announcement of the Datalink GW1000 until Equustek terminated the relationship and began legal proceedings in January 2011.

Equustek Solutions Inc. is offering customers who had ordered one of our products from Datalink and were switched to a GW1000 device this time limited offer:

If a customer can demonstrate by Purchase Order or correspondence that they had intended to purchase an Equustek product, (which is any of the DL products being falsely advertised as Datalink products such as the DL3500, DL4500, etc.), we will exchange the GW1000 product for the equivalent proven Equustek product at a cost of $499.00 US.

Please contact Equustek for details at info@equustek.com

Note that this offer does not imply that Equustek is responsible in any way for the actions of Datalink in misleading the marketplace.

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