What You Need To Know About The Datalink GW-1000

Datalink Corporation
The Many Faces and Names of Datalink so called employees
The following list of names are those that were used for Engineering and Marketing which have been identified and listed as significant primary defendants in the Conspiracy. There are others which have been identified as being involved in the conspiracy, who also used false names, but have not yet been listed as defendants as they were mostly administrative who may be included at a later date:

Name Allias
Morgan Jack Matt Garcia
Derek Smythe
Darren Langdon
Igor Cheifot Jolio Fernandez
Alexander Cheifot Randy Schtolz
Felix Fernandez

Everyone inside this, so called, company, (Datalink, et. al.) has used aliases for almost all of their illegal activities. Even, so far as to communicate with each other using aliases rather than their own names in order to complicate the ability to unravel their complex web. They have used this false front to embroil highly respected companies such as General Electric, ABB, and Universal Studios in selling their stolen technology.
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