What You Need To Know About The Datalink GW-1000

Datalink Corporation-Datalink Technologies Group-Datalink Technologies Gateways-Industrial Automation Company-Advanced Industrial Network

Does the Datalink- Industrial Automation Company actually exist?

Industrial Automation Company sells GW1000 that is based upon technology stolen from Equustek.

Industrial automation company is the latest virtual company of Morgan Jack. His most recent websites are df1todhplus.com-ethernetallenbradley.com

Industrial automation company and its aliases(Datalink,Datalink Technologies Group,Datalink Technologies Gateways,Datalink Systems,Datalink Communication,Gateway Technologies,Multigate Communication) pretend to be located in United States however the addresses stated on its websites are just mail drops.

The physical location of the director Morgan Jack is unknown. Currently,There is a warrant out for his arrest.

The court case against Datalink and Morgan Jack has expanded to include other defendants including Andrew Crawford, Lee Ingraham, Michael Bunker, Igor Cheifot and others.

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